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The Right Mind

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      The Right Mind is a hosted community gathered to discuss intellectual conservatism. Our library features quality presentations concerning the conservative perspective on politics as well as a variety of other subjects including art, philosophy, history, theology, and more. Feel free to browse our library, send us your thoughts, or get to know us at one of our monthly meetings! We'd love to see you there!

Join the Conversation

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       Every meeting of The Right Mind includes an interactive discussion forum where listeners may ask the presenter questions. Come to a meeting, listen to the topics, and share your thoughts on any presentation, panel, or roundtable discussion. Each month a member of our staff will select the most thought-provoking and challenging questions to post on the website. Don't hold back, all perspectives are welcome!

Come to a Meeting

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       Have some thoughts concerning conservatism? Come to a meeting so we can get to know you! Feel free to share thoughts of your own at the meeting or on our website! Please be sure to adhere to a semi-formal dress code during each meeting!


Not Conservative?


      That's okay! Here at The Right Mind, we welcome all perspectives! Respect and courtesy are essential for substantive discourse, and we hold our own staff to this standard while requesting it from our guests. Regardless of whether you support the conservative perspective or not, we welcome your attendance and thoughts. We're happy you're here!

Panel: Is Peace with Iran Possible?


Written by Administrator Friday, 03 January 2014


   Keenan Davis hosts the fourth panel of The Right Mind in Atlanta, GA. Panelists Wes Siler and Roraig Finney share their categories of understanding Iran's state of affairs, its leadership, demographics, and foreign policy as well as the need for greater understanding on America's part. Options for America's foreign policy are discussed including preparations for a crisis, counteraction scenarios, and what action, if any, should be undertaken currently.  

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The Limitations of Conservatism


Written by Pietro Sanitante Saturday, 07 September 2013


Pietro Sanitante delivers his presentation during The Right Mind's second meeting in Charlottesville, VA.

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Join us this spring as we travel to Richmond, VA where The Right Mind will be hosting its next meeting!

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Check out the first meeting  of The Right Mind in Washington D.C.!

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